Boards / Settlement Friends

College Settlement Board of Trustees

College Settlement by-laws provide for trustees numbering not less than 15 and not more than 24, each of whom is elected for a three-year term. In practice, the terms of office are staggered so that one-third of the trustees’ terms expire each year.

President | Christine Jenkins
Vice President | Teri A. Ohliger
Secretary | Ted Nacarella, Esq.
Treasurer | Steven Hamilton
Assistant Treasurer | Lynwood J. Matthews, Jr.


Lisa E. Canoura
Capt. Jon M. Clark
Bob Connelly
Allan Corless
Mary L. Dare

Heather Farber
Beth Grammer
Robert Khurana
Patricia Martin

Joe McCreavy
Deirdre A. Murray

Honorary Members:

James R. Ledwith, Esq.
Katherine Ledwith

Summer Camps at College Settlement Board of Trustees

President | Timothy Sager, MA, ME
Vice President | Lorraine Webb
Secretary | David McCullough
Treasurer | Hilary Seabrook


David S. Chamberlain
Craig Dare
Elizabeth M. Finocchio
Racquel Kelly, MBA
Tony Majewski
Paul McCarthy
Stephen Smart
Jim Thompson


Settlement Friends

Settlement Friends are volunteers who are not board members, but who are interested in supporting the organization either through donating at least 10 hours of their time annually to College Settlement or Summer Camps at College Settlement organized events and meetings, or becoming a sustaining member by donating $250. Our Settlement Friends may combine a smaller gift with a smaller amount of volunteer time, if they wish. For instance, if they volunteer 5 hours annually, they may give a $125 gift. Settlement Friends’ committees may include Settlement Friends as well as members of each board. Settlement Friends may also serve on certain committees of each board, but are not allowed to chair a board committee.